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Rachel Powered Apps and Projects

Rachel Powered Desktop Apps and Projects - You are not alone

This is a list of desktop apps or projects that embed Rachel and use it to retrieve resources such as icons, properties files, HTML documents, XML config files or plain-vanilla text files from jars.

If you want your Rachel Powered app listed here, please send a message to

Name Description
Luxor XUL third-party link Luxor is an open-source XML User Interface Language (XUL) toolkit in Java that supports handpicked Mozilla XUL goodies and also includes a ultra light-weight, multi-threaded Web server, a portal engine and Apache Velocity as its template engine.
Venus Application Publisher (Vamp) Tools third-party link

Venus Application Publisher's tool collection helps you package, sign and publish Java Web Start/Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) apps.

Vamp Tools using Rachel include:

  • Pam - Package Manager for Web Start
  • Alice - Application Central for JNLP
  • Clare - Cache Explorer for Web Start
  • Vanessa - Validator for JNLP
  • Hazel - App Catalog Creator for JNLP

Your project here

Miscellaneous and In-Progress

This is list of apps or project that don't fit into the category above or aren't complete yet, but warrant mention.

If you want your Rachel Powered project listed here, please send a message to

Name Description
Your project here

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