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Are you real?

You can contact Gerald Bauer by email. Send your email to

Rachel support questions. Please, refrain from sending your Rachel support questions to my personal email address (that is, as I usually bounce them back untouched unless you hire me. Instead post your support questions at Rachel's discussion forum where I will happily answer them.

Gold Support Package. Note, that I am also available for hire in case you need dedicated support. See Yes, I'm available - Hire Me third-party link for details.

Ich spreche Deutsch.

Elektronische Post in Deutsch ist willkommen solange sie mit der Anrede Sehr geehrter Herr Mag. Gerald Bauer beginnt ;-). (Das ist ein Scherz. Gerald ist ausreichend auch wenn ich mich sieben Jahre für den akademischen Titel abmühte und an der österreichischen Bürokratie fast verzweifelte. Bitte Duz' mich, da ich gegen "Sie" oder unpersönliche Passivkonstruktionen allergisch bin. Danke für Dein Verständnis.)

Who Is This Guy?

Gerald Bauer is an independent Java, XML and Web consultant and open-source advocate proficient in C#.

He has a proven track record of creating highly-innovative solutions that work in mission critical, day-to-day production systems and deliver superior business value. Early examples are WQL (Word SQL), an extensible, embeddable template engine, created in 1994 or EttiML, a markup language for labels, created in 1995 that features layout managers superior to what Java AWT/Swing offers today.

More recently, Gerald open sourced Rachel (Resource Loading Toolkit for Web Start/JNLP) and Luxor third-party link (Java XML User Interface Toolkit). He also started and maintains the Unofficial Web Start/JNLP FAQ third-party link and develops the Venus Application Publisher (Vamp) third-party link for Web Start/JNLP tool suite.

He holds a Master's Degree in social and economic sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration third-party link, Austria and was choosen for the International Management Program at New York University's Stern Business School third-party link.

Gerald enjoys traveling and just recently returned from the Canadian Rockies. He eats, works and sleeps in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Misc Links - Stock Up Your Wine Cellar

If you like wine, you can try my parent's Veltliner, Burgunder or Chardonnay. Check out - Weinhauerhof Franz und Herta Bauer third-party link to find out more about my parent's family-run winery in Donauland in Austria. Note, that the site is in German.

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